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Flushing, NY – Haiier, a full-service hair and beauty salon that provides the surrounding Flushing community with haircuts, coloring, perms, and treatment, continues to outshine the competition as one of the most sought-after ombre hair facilities in the greater region. Taking great pride in their ombre hair-painting craft, Haiier ensures that individuals walk out of the salon with seamlessly faded hair.

Borne from a passion for providing high quality hair painting that results in a natural hair-dye job every single time, Haiier’s ombres reflect a natural gradient that appears as though no dye has even been put into the hair.

““There’s good ombres, and then there’s terrible ombres,” said Lyan, Founder and Owner of Haiier. “Everyone has seen them: the hair stylist puts the dye in at the tips of the hair in one straight line, leaving the hair looking awkward and unnatural. Say no to bad ombres, and yes to quality hair painting with our salon today.”

An ombre is the process of placing a natural gradient from the root color to the tip color. They can go from dark to light, light to dark, or crazy color to crazy color. The defining characteristic of a quality ombre is that the gradient be painted in so naturally, it’s hard to tell where the ombre starts and stops.

It takes a great deal of care and precision to achieve a gradient this natural, which is what Haiier strives to achieve today.

“Hair painting is an undoubted art that we are so passionate about,” said Lyan. “Spread the word on the availability of our hair painting services, and head on over to our website to get a better feel for our hair selections today.”


Flushing, Queens – Haiier, a full-service Queens-based hair salon that oversees haircuts, hair coloring, perms, and treatment for a variety of hair types and textures, this week announced that they are expanding their balayage hair coloring availability for all who are interested.

As a hair coloring technique that is sweeping the hair industry worldwide, balayage is the process of painting in hair coloring to create a natural gradient with a graduated looking color.

“The whole point of getting a balayage is to prevent the sloppy, chunky hair dye pieces that can result in drastic coloring changes as the hair goes from root to tip,” said Lyan Founder and Owner of Haiier. “With a balayage, the special color application technique results in such fine coloring changes that the result is as natural looking as ever.”

Haiier is passionate about changing how people perceive dying their hair today. The owner of the salon, lyan, has wanted to be a hair stylist and colorist since she was 9-years-old. Having pursued the hair salon passion for many years, Lyan has opened a salon that specializes in dedication to the craft above all else. The results speak for themselves with natural, eye-catching coloring techniques.

“We make the process enjoyable for clients, requiring them to simply choose a color and sit back while we take special care to paint it in naturally,” said Lyan. “Hair coloring is an art form of its own, and we undoubtedly specialize in providing the highest quality coloring services available in Queens today. Head on over to our website to get a better look at our clients and our salon.”